The Lake

Vishnu kumar Das
6 min readMay 27, 2018


Out of the darkness prevailing in the oblivion, suddenly there was a squeak and a flash of light, so brilliant even to apprehend. And then started the series of such combination of sound and light. It took us a moment to realize that they were all policemen in the bike riding in the middle of the road where there was yellow mark. Now, the light of our bike started working suddenly out of nowhere. There was a sudden hustle and bustle in the road. Oh, who are these we? Let me see if, I can properly explain who these people are. There were 4 people in a ‘Extreme’ Bike, the bike’s name is bit ironic because it seemed to be in extreme pain , rather than its name being extreme. Ok, whatever, the name of the bike might be, the driver was Mr k. The pillion was me and a pretty tall bearded guy; let’s call him D, who was sitting at the extreme many extremities, indeed. The one sitting at the front is really the one, I too am looking for. Now gushing through that pitch black night, there were places around filled with light both on the horizon and oblivion. The dawn was still trying to peep under the hood of darkness.

Suddenly, we found ourselves at a junction, where we were waiting for the signal. Suddenly Mr k , the driver said something which was really hard to comprehend. He just said that he just saw the black mole above the hips of a girl sitting in the bus behind us which was going perpendicular to us but was stalled for some reason. I just turned my head and to my dismay, there was actually a girl sitting at the back and the mole was really not that visible but I had to really put an effort to check that out. But after I found that, it was really astonishing that the stuff for which we thought was difficult to comprehend, is the same fact for which I was apprehending for the sheer brilliance. But , on the contrary, my brain was pretty nauseated that this the same driver , we are having faith on, while we are sitting at the back and enjoying while he is noticing all the detailed intricacies on some taboo parts of some random girl in some odd location . But before I could say anything, the light turned green and we zoomed in the road ahead of us with the same driver. Although there was one more reason for just sitting there doing nothing about the drier, and that had something to do with the Tormund (GOT reference), because the moment I would have explained him was the very moment he would panic like hell and would take me mammoth time to explain the things too. So, just making the incident a deadly treasure trove in mind, I let it go after weighing the entire situation.

The bike was really going like the bazooka being fired, kissing each and every curve that the road was offering. That was the moment, the driver Mr K has restored some faith or maybe making me more restless, it was not for me to decide but the moment where things could go wrong or things might come splendid. At one of the turn, there was a temple where there was prayer being offered. We thought of attending the same, although I have no clue how it was anonymously agreed upon because of the presence of few atheist, definitely not the one at the sitting at the front, because I too am not able to reckon who the heck was he, my knees started to pain thinking of that one, so it’s better to leave it there. The pundit was offering the Pooja. One strange thing was, he was burning a small stack of paper. I was confused as to how a paper which is considered a form of goddess Sarasvati, can be turned into ashes to make other god happy, I guess that is conflict of business, remember that atheist friend, that’s how he might be thinking, or maybe he was lauding himself thinking that this very reason is responsible for him turning into atheist. Anyway, we checked with the Pundit and the reason that we got for this was competent enough to make a theist into believing all this God business to be a joke. He reasoned it to something as naïve as paper being used in books makes it heavy and burning them and turning them into ashes makes them lighter. This logic was beyond the comprehension of any of the acquainted soul present at that spot. Without even wasting a fraction of time, we rushed towards the extreme, obviously the bike, remember the name and irony associated with it and not steps.

After a while, rushed out from the temple as early and as far as possible, we just were stabbed with the enticing entity that was so enthralling that it made us forget the previous horrendous experience. The green lush water in the shape of oval just a few steps from the road, was surrounded by vegetation, in such a manner that it seemed like they owe something to the lake and are really grateful for the sheer presence of it. The water so pure that even the green algae that were lashing beneath the waterbody, was sanctity in itself, instead of cliché revulsion associated with it. The water was in a state of tranquillity and the surface looked like the reflection of the celestial mass with the alluring stars embedded in it. Surrounding the lake were bunch of shrubs of heart shaped wood rose and the density was such that the whole lot looked like a deep forest in itself. They were literally so much in the vicinity of water, that it seemed as if it was greeting the water with its umpteen sentiment of affection. The big tress that faced opposite to the road and were covering half of the U of the oval shaped lake and were planted in a congested manner .They too followed the same genre of orientation as their sibling vegetation, inclined towards the sanctity and to some extent protective also. These were the very reasons; the sunlight could not penetrate the heart of the lake and thus making it cool and compose. This was the very reason that anyone close to this gorgeous place would feel contended and awestruck at the same time.

Suddenly the vision zoomed out and we found ourselves some 2 storey above the ground in a plain area, having the lake still under the reach of our eyes. The curvature of the trees beside the lake was such that it made the waterbody visible and gave a different angle to appreciate it’s beauty. Mr D, the one that loves food and rest over everything preferred to rest over the plain area facing the sky and it was visible in his eyes about the immense pleasure that he was seeking out of all this. Then there was Mr K, being an expert in almost everything starting imparting his immense knowledge of swimming, although him being never even stepped in a waterbody for the intension of swimming. But here I was taking the lessons aptly and found myself syncing my body and hand movement and imitating them exactly like, what I did in the swimming pool. Then with the strike of the hand in the bed’s corner I found myself perplexed at the clock which was showing 8 o’ clock. Oops, that was really hurtful and I know with that jolt my dream was over.

But one astounding fact was, how the dreams and the real life jilts are closely knitted, in a sense that while our eyes are open, we sometimes dream and in dreams, we find the real we. Sometimes we see real characters in the dreams and we dream of a fictional character in real life .so, dreams and reality are sometimes not a different entity altogether. It is just like the particle and wave nature of light. Sometimes dreams show us what could, should, would have happened. So you have one more reason to dream .Never stop dreaming, with your eyes open or with your eyes closed, is always an option. This option is a choice for you to make.