Vishnu kumar Das
2 min readMar 3, 2021

What if?

What if the night was different?

we all make our own simulations, What if that day the thing would have been accomplished or would have missed these things. We never know what it would turn out to be but one thing is for sure, the paths would be very different from what we are walking right now.

Staring at the ceiling feeling tranquility you always rewind that pleasant timing and try to simulate and weave a situation that would make you feel like a happy person. Deep down we always long for happiness for ourselves however to achieve that we need n number of variables as a medium. Sometimes everything takes a pause and makes you believe that yes the situation would have been pretty different and it would always be in the direction of happiness.

There are anchors in our life similar to anchors that are there to stall the ships, well that could save the ship or forbid the ship to move at all by initiating the inertia of movement. These anchors are always there with us onboard but are only deployed at times when there is a catalyst. These initiators can be anything from songs, one favorite spot to a very special food that reminds you of that hook where now your anchor is dropped. Do these things happen for a special person or a situation special to you, probably the latter because even though it is for the former, the end result is how it made you feel about that.

There are times and I would say most of the time you think about your future thinking how it will be. But at times when you are at peace sometimes your mind wanders to places where it would make you feel very different and the anchors getting deployed. You relax and just think, think not to hurt yourself but to find yourself happy and in peace with things.

Take a break and deploy the anchors for not to stall the ship but to make a sharp turn to prevent the ship from being hurt and sail high again.